Malted Milk Biscuit Cake


100g (3.5 oz) Butter, melted 
250g (9 oz) Malted Milk Biscuits 
200ml (7 fl oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk 
200g (7oz) Foam sweets 
30g (1o) desiccated coconut


Combine melted butter, our delicious Malted Milk Biscuit, condensed milk and sweets in a large bowl and mix to combine (best done with a spoon then with hands!).
Lay out a baking parchment of 45cm long on a flat surface,
Put the mixture on to the parchment and mold into a log shape, leaving some space on the edges (preferably the width you want your pieces to be).
Sprinkle coconut and roll in.
Roll up the paper and tighten.
Wrap the parchment (should be rolled up tight) in foil, fully covering.
Refrigerate overnight until firm.
Cut and serve!

Here is a back to school sweetener from the book for your children to cheer them up after a long summer holiday.